Income Tax Preparation for Sole Proprietors and Partnerships - This event has already occurred

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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2022 Income Tax Preparation  


Sole Proprietors and Partnerships 

Carey McMaster of Traicon will lead participants through the process of completing their 2022 Income Tax Return to report self-employed business income and expenses. 

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • Setting Up a My Business Account with CRA 
  • Submitting Your Personal and Self-employment Income Tax Remittance Online 
  • Completing the Statement of Business or Professional Activities T2125 (copy attached) for 2022 Income Tax Filing 
    • Part 1 – Identification 
    • Part 2 – Internet Business Activities 
    • Part 3 – Business & Professional Income 
      • Part 3C – Claiming Grants 
      • Part 3D – Cost of Goods Sold & Gross Profit 
    • Part 4 – Net Income Before Adjustments 
    • Part 5 – Your Net Income 
    • Part 6 – Other Amounts Deductible From Your Share of Net Partnership 
    • Part 7 – Calculating Business-Use-of-Home Expenses 
    • Part 8 – Details of Other Partners 
    • Calculation of Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) 
    • Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses 
  • Common Income Tax Errors Made by Small Business 
  • Financial Performance Benchmarks 


  • Self-Employed Tax Preparation Checklist 
  • Self-employed Business, Professional, Commission , Farming, and Fishing Income Guide T4002     
  • Statement of Business or Professional Activities T2125   
  • Statement of Farming Activities T2042  (if applicable) 
  • Statement of Fishing Activities T2121  (if applicable) 
  • FREE CRA Approved Online Income Tax Filing Software

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